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It is Fun Design Friday time again!  This week I designed an eclectic dining room that will hopefully give you a few decorating ideas for your home.  The dining room design incorporates both masculine and feminine elements and a color palette using multiple shades of blue.  If you appreciate the design ideas, make sure to subscribe to receive blog updates via email (see the gray box on the right of the screen).

Fun Design Friday - Shades of Blue Dining Room.  Interior designer, decorator, table, chair, chandelier, rug, art, flowers, ideas, decorating

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The shades of blue color scheme used in this dining room comes from both the contemporary rug as well as the beautiful artwork.

All of the blue is broken up using a pop of pink with the amazing orchid.  The orchid is such an amazing and large focal point that no other table decorations are necessary.  Trees in the corners of the room add an earthy feel to make the room feel less sterile.  As I always say, real flowers and trees are best.  If you must have faux flowers or trees, make sure to spend a little extra to get some that look very realistic.

The dining table is made of a rustic looking wood, however it has a feminine shape.  The upholstered chairs add to the feminine feel, especially since they have a colorful and cozy decorative pillow.

Topping off the dining room design is a contemporary chandelier.  The chandelier is elongated, making it perfect above a rectangular dining table.


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Orchid Flower


Art Right

Art Left



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