How often do you use your formal dining room - Thanksgiving, Christmas, or maybe once a month? 

Instead of having both a breakfast room and a dining room, why not have one eating area and use the other room for a different purpose? 

Consider having all of your meals in your dining room and converting the breakfast room into a home office, arts and crafts room, homework room, reading room, pet room, mud room, exercise room, or whatever other room you would love to have in your home. 

You can even remodel your small kitchen and expand it into your breakfast room or dining room to get a design magazine worthy kitchen of your dreams. 

breakfast and dining not necessary

I have been doing online shopping for clients more than ever this year! 

Unlike most women, I actually hate shopping in stores. 

Being able to compare the price, size, and reviews of items on different websites before purchasing is very helpful. 

Certain items, like sofas, are best purchased after actually being able to test their comfort in person. 

My most recent client lives quite a distance away, so being able to have things shipped directly to her house is a great benefit. 

Here is my opinion of how my online shopping experience has gone so far. 


How do you want your home to feel? 

That's right - I did not ask you how you want your home to look, but how you want it to feel. 

Do you want it to be cozy, distinguished, laid back, welcoming, cheerful, casual, impressive, fun, airy, futuristic, or is there another feeling you prefer?

How do you want your home to feel?photo courtesy of Bill Wilson

If I were to ask you what your favorite interior design style is, what would you say? 

Traditional, modern, contemporary? 

Those answers are very vague and could apply to thousands of homes. 

Many homes are so generic and could belong to most anyone. 

Your home should be reflective of you and your family, not plain and boring. 

In order to have a home specialized to your family, you should have a very defined design style.  

How to determine your design stylephoto courtesy of Monika Clarke

I have a new client who recently had his home leveled and now has cracks throughout his drywall walls and ceilings. 

He has a quote to repair the cracks, texture the drywall, and paint the ceiling, but he was wondering if covering his ceiling in a new material instead of fixing the drywall would be a more attractive option for about the same amount of money (or maybe just a little bit more). 

Of coarse, he would have to consider whether the additional weight of the new ceiling would affect the structure of his home. 

Here are a few options that we considered.

unique ceiling material optionsphoto courtesy of bfick