I get to see many homes as an interior designer. 

Some homes are very nicely decorated, but just need a few finishing touches. 

Other homes need a lot more help. 

Here are the most common decorating mistakes I see in many of the homes I visit.

decoratingmistakesphoto courtesy of Bill Wilson flickr.com/photos/okchomeseller/18304328508/

I have had several conversations recently about the proper way to hang curtains. 

There are some definite wrong ways to hang curtains, however there are several correct ways to hang curtains. 

curtainsphoto courtesy of Posh Surfside flickr.com/photos/kerryanndame/4778858090/

Many people purchase a piece of art for their home, find the nearest wall, then use a thumb tack to attach that art to the wall in a random location above their heads. 

There is a better way to hang artwork to make it more visually appealing. 

Here are a few tips and tricks that I have picked up over the years for how to hang artwork.


When designing or decorating a home, you should know what is trendy and what is classic. 

If you go with something that is trendy, you should use the trend that is coming up instead of the trend that is going out of style. 

Here is a list of some home design trends that are in, others that are out, and the classic ones that are here to stay.


I often get asked what the "secret formula" is to arranging pillows on a sofa. 

Guess what - there isn't one.

There is not one correct way to arrange pillows on a sofa because there are many different ways that all look great. 

But since you asked, I will explain to you the most popular way that I (and many others) like to arrange pillows. 

sofapillowsphoto courtesy of Posh Surfside flickr.com/photos/kerryanndame/6200724362/

Is your home generic and boring? 

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