Like most decorative products, there is a wide range of prices for throw pillows.  

Sometimes throw pillows cost more because the manufacturer is very proud of their product. 

More often, the price of throw pillows is reflective of the quality of materials and workmanship. 

Depending on the quality you desire for the decor in your home (as well as your budget), you might prefer a $50 throw pillow, or you might opt to upgrade to a $250 throw pillow. 

Here is a list of the typical differences between a $50 throw pillow and a $250 throw pillow.

quality decorative pillows1photo courtesy of

When decorating your home, you should not ignore your light fixtures. 

Light fixtures can make or break a room's design - especially a very visible chandelier that hangs down from the ceiling. 

Whether your home is very dated with old ugly chandeliers, or it is a brand new home with super cheap generic chandeliers selected by the builder, you should consider upgrading your lighting to compliment your decor style.

A new reasonably priced stylish chandelier replacing an ugly, undersized, or basic chandelier in your home can increase the value of your home by 5 to 10 times the cost of the chandelier.

Luckily, there are many chandeliers that are very budget friendly.

 Designer chandeliers on a budget

Most of my clients this year want white quartz kitchen and bathroom countertops, however they don't realize that there are so many options. 

When selecting a white countertop, make sure you realize that just because there is "white" or "blanco" in the name of the color, doesn't mean that it is a true white. 

The image below shows just a few of the white options available. 

So, how do you select the best white quartz countertop for your home?

Comparison of White Quartz Countertops from Different Manufacturers - Silestone, Caesarstone, Cambria

There are many characteristics of expensive custom homes that are missing from less expensive homes. 

Often times homes in subdivisions are mass produced and the builders cut corners during construction in order to save money and make a greater profit.

Expensive homes are also properly decorated by a professional instead of using popular "one size fits all" items from a local big box store. 

Even if your home was not originally custom, you can change it to make it look more expensive. 

Here are some suggestions to upgrade your home and avoid mistakes that make it look cheap.

 characteristics expensive homesphoto courtesy of Brent Eckley

Many people have strong opinions when it comes to decorating a kitchen countertop. 

Some people will say to only display a maximum of two items while others feel the need to display every beautiful kitchen item that they own. 

My personal opinion is to only keep the items you use at least once a week on your countertops and everything decorative needs to also be functional. 

Typically, the more traditional and casual the interior design, the more items can be on the kitchen countertop. 

The more modern and formal the home, the fewer items should be on the kitchen countertop. 

Here are a few common items that I regularly use to decorate kitchen countertops, as well as what you should avoid.

designer favorite kitchen countertop accessoriesphoto courtesy of Cynthia Crane

Is your home generic and boring? 

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