Most everyone loves nature, but most do not fully incorporate it into their daily lives. 

You may spend money each month paying someone to mow your lawn that your feet never touch. 

Why not incorporate nature into your daily life? 

Here are a few ways to bring the outdoors in and the indoors out at your home.

How to Bring the Outdoors In and Indoors OutInterior design by Houston area home builder, photo by Fletcher Design Consultants

Shutters are a very common architectural element on homes, especially in the south. 

Shutters can make a home look more charming and style appropriate if done correctly. 

Unfortunately, many home builders do not know how proper shutters should look. 

Here are the good, bad, and ugly ways that shutters are used, but we will start with the ugly first.

Tips and Tricks for Shutters on a Homephoto courtesy of Eric Huybrechts

As an interior designer, I work on projects big and small. 

Out of all of the projects I have worked on, the number one reason I get called is to help in selecting paint colors. 

Since the majority of my clients live in the suburbs in homes that are mass produced, their walls are a sea of very thin low quality builder beige flat paint that gets damaged easily. 

Many new homes have rooms with ceilings up to 20 feet tall, so most people decide to hire professionals to paint and don't want to hire them twice by selecting the wrong color of paint. 

That is where I come in - to ensure that the paint color will not offend but is still interesting. 

So, I have decided to share my designer secret to selecting paint colors - as long as you can keep it a secret (just kidding, you can share with your friends). 

Selecting Paint Colors

When remodeling a kitchen (or designing a kitchen for a new home), many people spend hours deciding on the aesthetic choices - the color of the countertops or the style of cabinet doors. 

What should be more important than aesthetics is the function of your kitchen. 

Consider these functional upgrades for your kitchen when remodeling.

Kitchen Remodel UpgradesInterior design by Fletcher Design Consultants

I believe that your home's interior design can attract or detract people. 

Whether you are looking for a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or a roommate, you should decorate your home in order to increase your chances of attracting the right people. 

Here are some common problems people have when decorating that hinders them from attracting the right people.

Attraction Through Interior DesignInterior design by Houston area home builder, photo by Fletcher Design Consultants

Is your home generic and boring? 

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