The Design Process


The design process starts with an initial consultation at your home.  During the consultation we discuss your project details and budget.  We will ask many questions to better understand your needs.  If necessary, we will take required measurements.  The more information you can provide, the better.  Photographs of items you like are very helpful.  Make sure to discuss what you dislike as well as what you like.

Conceptual Design
After the initial consultation, we go back to our offices and develop a conceptual design for your home (sometimes including several design options).  This conceptual design includes any architectural changes as well as selections for the major items in your room, such as the flooring, furniture, window treatments, light fixtures, etc.  We will do our best to incorporate your existing pieces that you want to keep.  Smaller pieces, such as accessories, are selected later. 

Design Presentation
After the conceptual design is complete, we schedule an appointment for the design presentation.  At this time, we present the design and discuss the details.  You ask questions and provide feedback.

Design Development and Final Design Plan
After the design presentation, we work together with you to fine tune the conceptual design plan.  Decisions are made then a final design plan is approved.

Project Management
After the final design plan is approved, the work begins on your home.  If contractors are involved, we will keep in communication with them to help everything run smoothly.  Furniture is ordered, delivered, and assembled. 

Finishing Touches
After the major items are installed in your home, we do the final decorating.  We hang pictures, arrange accessories, and add the finishing touches.