How do you want your home to feel? 

That's right - I did not ask you how you want your home to look, but how you want it to feel. 

Do you want it to be cozy, distinguished, laid back, welcoming, cheerful, casual, impressive, fun, airy, futuristic, or is there another feeling you prefer?

How do you want your home to feel?photo courtesy of Bill Wilson

Interior design is not just about putting pretty things together that have complementary colors and styles. 

Good interior design should create a feeling that people get when they enter a home. 

Just as homes without furniture evoke a feeling of emptiness, well designed and well decorated homes can create the feeling of your choice. 

When designers create a plan for a home, they create an outline of major items that work towards creating a desired environment. 

Once the architectural elements and major furniture pieces are in place, a designer must pull all of the smaller details together to really make the house come alive. 

It is the final 10% of the plan that can determine the difference between a nicely decorated house and a special one-of-a-kind house.

 The next time you see a photo of a room that really appeals to you (or you are in a room that appeals to you), analyze it to see what elements make that room special. 

Are you drawn to the wide plank wood floors, antique rug, colorful accent stool, stack of hardback books, fluffy decorative pillows, elegant curtains, or oversized chandelier? 

If you took out one of the elements, would it still appeal to you as much or would it change the feeling of the room? 

If you painted the beige walls a more prominent color or replaced the boring lamp with a more elegant one, would it enhance or diminish the feeling? 


As you work towards decorating your home, I encourage you to not only make sure it is pretty, but also consider the feeling it evokes. 

People often decorate their homes using elements that are very matchy-matchy and/or mass produced, which makes a house feel a little boring and dull. 

Instead of being predictable, be unique and a bit daring.  Buy items that you love and make you smile.  Give your house some soul.

What feeling does your home evoke?photo courtesy of Bill Wilson



Is your home generic and boring? 

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