Many people believe that Christmas is only on December 25th, however Christmas really lasts for 12 days (just like the song) starting on December 25th and ending the day before Epiphany. 

That means that Christmas isn't over yet because today is the last day of Christmas. 

Unless your dried out Christmas tree is a fire hazard, try to keep all of your Christmas decorations up through today and keep your Christmas lights still lit. 

Before you take down your decorations tomorrow, you should consider a new Christmas decorating trend that might make you think twice about removing all of your decorations.

cioyphoto courtesy of Steve Jurvetson

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A current Christmas holiday decorating trend is to keep the Christmas lights on the outside of your home shining throughout the winter, or at least until Daylight Savings Time starts again in March. 


You will want to remove the Santa, reindeer, candy canes, and other Christmas specific items, however keep most of the lights (and maybe the snowmen).  You can even use the laser lights that are so popular this year. 


I can honestly say that driving through my neighborhood last night was rather gloomy since it was so dark. 

I really wish everyone would consider keeping Christmas lights on the exterior of their homes to make the winter less bleak and more cheerful. 


You might also want to consider changing out or adding to your Christmas lights with pink or red lights and decorations for Valentine's Day on February 14th and/or green, purple, and gold lights and decorations for Mardi Gras. 


Many stores have Christmas lights currently marked 75% to 90% off, so consider stocking up for next year or to use at an outdoor party any time of the year. 


You can even buy solar string lights so you don't have to worry about an excess of electrical cords or electricity costs.

Trends in Outside Christmas Lightsphoto courtesy of Steve Jurvetson


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