Most people's homes are filled with the popular metal colors chrome, nickel, brass, pewter, gold, oil rubbed bronze, and/or wrought iron. 

If you are looking for something a bit different, you should consider using rose gold. 

Rose gold can be used on a few accessories in your home if you are not totally committed, or you can dive right in and use rose gold on all of your metallic items. 

Rose gold looks especially nice paired with light pink and regular gold. 

It would also look great in a contemporary space paired with black and white. 

Since rose gold has a pink tint, it is typically used in rooms where the primary occupant is female. 

It should definitely be considered when decorating a dorm room, teenage girl's room, or a female's office (either home office or office away from home). 

Using rose gold in your room is the mature way to incorporate pink without it looking too juvenile.

Rose gold home accessories

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If you just want to add a bit of rose gold to your home, you can add a simple picture frame to test the waters. 

If you like the way it looks, consider adding more rose gold.


A rose gold chandelier is definitely attention grabbing. 

Most rose gold hanging light fixtures are a modern shape, so this traditional chandelier is unique.


Another way to dabble in rose gold is with pillows. 

The pillow above is made of sequins, so it is extra fun.


The glow from a rose gold votive candle holder would be beautiful since most everyone's skin looks great with a pink glow. 

Designer tip - consider using soft pink light bulbs to make people look more vibrant and younger (especially helpful in hospitals and nursing homes).


If you want to go all out and glam up your bathroom, consider using the faucet above. 

Not only is it rose gold, but it has crystals for extra bling.


For your kitchen, consider adding a bit of rose gold with your kitchen utensils. 

These utensils take everyday items and makes them fun and unique. 

The contrast between the rose gold and black handles is quite dramatic.


A martini shaker is a fun way to add a touch of rose gold in a festive way. 


To add a bit of rose gold to your home office, consider getting some rose gold desk accessories.


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1) Picture Frame


2) Chandelier


3) Sequin Pillow


4) Votive Candle Holder


5) Faucet


6) Kitchen Utencils


7) Martini Shaker


8) Desk Accessories


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