Many people love the comfort of lounging in a recliner, however recliners are not known for their design style.

Luckily, recliner manufacturers have made great improvements to the style of their chairs over the past few years.

Here are a few stylish recliner options that don't look like a traditional ugly recliner.

 good looking recliner

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The chair in the photo above does not look like a recliner at first glance. 

It is not oversized, it has a button tufted back, light colored fabric, and (most importantly) it has decorative legs.

The new style of recliners made today look so much better than the ones typically purchased 30 years ago.



Recliners of the Past
Traditional older model recliners were made of a basic durable fabric (that was often a bit scratchy), leather, or faux leather.  They never had decorative legs.

That style of recliner is still made today for those who are only interested in comfort.  In some instances, they even come with the logo of a popular sports team and/or in a camouflage fabric.  camoflage recliner


 Here are a few more stylish recliner options for people who love comfort and style.



good looking reclinerThe recliner above is made of genuine leather and has a very traditional feel.

It is adorned with nail heads, giving it a classic look.

Most importantly, it has visible stained wood legs.

At first glance, most people would not realize that this is a recliner.



good looking recliner The recliner above is a more contemporary version of the previous recliner.

It is also made of genuine leather and still has nail head trim, however it is less overstuffed and has cleaner lines.

Once again, the visible legs makes this recliner not look like a recliner at first glance.



good looking recliner 8

The recliner above is another attractive option that doesn't look like a recliner.

It is made of genuine leather in a coffee color.

The simplified traditional detailing makes it a good option in a contemporary home.


good looking recliner If you prefer a modern aesthetic, then the recliner above might be for you.

This recliner is also genuine leather like the recliners above. 

Once again, the exposed legs make it look much more stylish than the recliners made years ago.

The simple lines and lack of intricate detail make it modern.


good looking recliner If you prefer a fabric recliner, then the chair above might be the one for you.

It is not overly masculine or feminine and it has a contemporary style.

The silver nail head trim gives it an up-to-date flair and the button tufted back is very stylish.

The legs are stained dark, which provides a nice contrast with the light colored nail heads.



good looking reclinerFor a more modern recliner, take a look at the recliner above.

The square lines and detailing make it very stylish.

Once again, the dark stained feet create a contrast with the shiny silver nail heads.

 good looking recliner If you prefer a more feminine aesthetic, you can select a recliner with a floral pattern.

The chair above is not oversized or obnoxious, however it really is a recliner.

Its simple shape, interesting fabric, and dark stained feet give it a contemporary style.

This is definitely not a recliner from 20 years ago.


good looking reclinerThere are even recliners available that allow you to customize the upholstery.

The recliner above comes in 72 different fabric options.

It has a down blend cushion and brushed nickel nail heads.

This recliner has a power recline, so it has to be plugged into an electrical outlet.



recliners that dont look like reclinersTips for Selecting a Stylish Recliner

1)  Make sure it has decorative feet showing

2)  Ensure that the reclining mechanism is not very visible.

3)  Avoid pockets on the outside.

4)  Avoid visible metal on the bottom, which is prevalent in swivel rocker recliners.

5)  Make sure to learn about the wonderful technological advances that some recliners have, such as power lift, power recline, heated seats, massage seats, and USB outlets.


Here are a few other options to consider.  Click on the photo for more information.

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