Let me guess - most of the rooms in your home have one light fixture in the center of the ceiling and no other source of light in the room. 

That one fixture provides the bare minimum when it comes to lighting your room.  

In order to have good lighting in your home, you should have more than one light fixture. 

Having multiple sources of light not only looks better, but it allows you to customize the lighting per the time of day and activity in the room. 

Use at least two of the following types of lighting in each room to have proper lighting in your home.

Proper Lighting in Your HomeInterior design by Houston area home builder, photo by Fletcher Design Consultants

Ambient Lighting
Ambient lighting is the light in the center of the room's ceiling. 

It is the central source of general light. 

Light coming through windows would also be considered ambient lighting. 

Ambient lighting is the most basic type of lighting, however a room can feel flat and have dark corners without any additional lighting. 

You can add dimmer switches to your ambient lighting for more light control. 

Some people like to use multiple table lamps in each room as their ambient light instead of overhead lighting because overhead lighting can cast unflattering shadows on faces. 


Task Lighting
Task lighting is lighting focused on something important that is required to accomplish a task. 

Task lighting includes under cabinet lighting in the kitchen that directs light on the countertop, a piano light illuminating sheet music, bathroom vanity lights that focus light on applying makeup or shaving, and a reading lamp. 


Accent Lighting
Accent lighting is lighting that is decorative and adds an extra level of refinement to a home. 

Types of accent lighting include above cabinet lighting that illuminates the ceiling, candle light, uplighting in the corners of the room, lighting inside a curio or china cabinet, and art lighting.

The Proper Lighting for a HomeInterior design by Houston area home builder, photo by Fletcher Design Consultants


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