I believe that interior design does not have to only focus on the interior of a home, but the home as a whole - including the outside. 

Now that Spring is here, we should take advantage of the short period of time we have with beautiful weather and minimal mosquitoes to work on the outside of our homes. 

Here are a few things that I have been up to, and other items on my to do list.

Spring Home Maintenance

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Weeding Flower Beds
As much as I try, the weeds keep coming back year after year. 

In order to minimize the weeds coming back after you weed your flower beds, consider adding a weed barrier fabric or even wet newspaper covered in mulch to your flower beds. 

This year I am moving some of my ground cover to flower beds that are rather bare. 

The ground cover will spread throughout the flower beds and reduce the amount of weeds that grow there.


Control Weeds in Lawn
I prefer to use as few chemicals as possible, however I have decided to use several on my lawn this year since it has the potential to finally recover from the drought 2 years ago. 

Several weeks ago I used a spray weed control for lawns named Weed Stop for Lawns followed by a light sprinkling of fertilizer about a week later. 

I can definitely see improvement from the weed control, but I am unsure whether the fertilizer did anything. 

I plan on using a bit more weed spray after the next time the grass is mowed to get the weeds that I missed the first time.


Now is also a good time to treat for ants. 

I like to use an overall ant control on the entire yard and keep a spot treatment ant control around for any beds that may pop up.


Inspect Unhappy Plants
I have several plants and trees in my yard that do not look happy. 

I don't know yet if they are dead or if they are still hibernating. 

I am keeping an eye on them, but I will dig them up if they haven't awakened by May. 


Pressure Wash
My house is looking a bit dirty with a touch of green in spots (that is what I get for buying a white house). 

Pressure washing is definitely on my to do list before the weather gets too hot.

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Wash Windows
A few years ago, I removed the window screens from many of my windows (since I rarely open my windows) to enhance the view of outside.  I highly recommend this to others.

I also used Rain-X on the windows to keep them clean about 6 months ago. 

I think it is time to clean the windows again and reapply the Rain-X so I can enjoy my garden and yard from inside. 

Home Maintenance in Spring


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